Unite Cyclists, Trees and Carnaby's

Unite Cyclists, Trees and Carnaby's

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Dear Mayor:

The plan to build a bike path along Curtin Ave is welcomed and well overdue - but not at the expense of 48 trees!

Why can't we build the bike path and save the trees?

The endangered Carnaby’s Cockatoos use many of these trees, like the Norfolk Island Pines, as a food source, plus as a wildlife corridor to get from place to place. It is up to you and the Town of Cottesloe Councillors to protect these trees, not only for the birds, but so that they can provide shade and amenity for all.

The proposed design is not good enough: 48 trees will be axed and if the path is 2.5m wide then 8,750 m² of green space will be lost to bitumen. That’s like building 33 hard surface tennis courts on the verge! But we can turn this into an opportunity to DOUBLE the canopy and increase public green space. All we need is a better design.

Can you please defer this decision for a short time? Will you hold a proper public consultation process to come up with a better design that is safe and preserves the 48 trees?