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Petitioning Mayor of Himeji City, Japan Toshikatsu Iwami

Mayor Toshikatsu Iwami, Himeji City, Japan: Please move Kinko, a chimpanzee at Himeji CIty Zoo to a chimpanzee sanctuary.

Kinko is a chimpanzee who has lived in Himeji CIty Zoo for a long time. The zoo is located next to the UNESCO World Heritage site Himeji Castle, a famous tourist destination. Kinko lives alone in a small, simple cage with no companions. Within the cage Kinko has no privacy, and is often harassed by people. There is a sign in front of her cage that asks people not to bother her. Kinko is suffering from depression. Watching her in her cage makes me cry. Chimpanzees are inteligent animals who need stimulation and socializtion. Kinko needs to be in a proper habitat for chimpanzees. There are places in Japan that are suitable for Kinko. Please do what you can to have Kinko moved to a chimpanzee sanctuary.

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  • Mayor of Himeji City, Japan
    Toshikatsu Iwami

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