Community-responsive policing in Quincy, MA

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After the Quincy Black Lives Matter Vigil against police brutality toward Black and brown Americans in early June 2020, 180 citizens of Quincy -- including many young people and religious leaders -- gathered over two days to join in a letter to Mayor Koch. We asked him to work with us and the Quincy Police Department toward greater transparency, diversity, and responsiveness in city policing. We also asked him to refrain from using racially charged language. Mayor Koch responded positively to our urgings on his public statements, and we appreciate his responsiveness. On the larger issues of community-responsive policing, he does not currently express willingness to move forward. Many people in our beautiful city feel differently. Please urge Mayor Koch and our city administration to 

·        Create a public interface for statistics on stops and police actions so that we can understand how our policing works better in this city. Transparency helps everyone, citizens and police alike. 
·        Proactively institute a Civilian Review Board to be involved in incidents in which officers use substantial force. We hope that this board does not get much work, but let’s create one before we have problems, not as a band-aid after.
·        Step up recruitment efforts to create a police force that represents the demographics of our city. 
·        Deepen and expand training in implicit bias, peer accountability, and the assumption of innocence, training that will help police officers act according to their highest ideals.
·        Explore implementation of data-driven recommendations (for instance, those outlined by with measures such as a ban on chokeholds.
·        Continue to support and expand community-involved policing, such as police officers engaging with young kids in the schools through DARE and through after-school programs, to continue and develop positive relationships between young people and our police forces. 

Thank you all for standing with the City of Quincy in idealism, in frustration, and in hope for a stronger country!  

Please sign this petition only if you are a Quincy resident. People from other zip codes will not be included in any listings forwarded to the Mayor's office. If you are under 18, please list yourself only as "Student" and do not list a home address-- only a zip code. In addition to your name, feel free to list your high school (including homeschool) and graduating year if you wish, to demonstrate the deep local roots across many generations of these concerns.

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