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For the past 8 years I have worked to ease the tentions between citizens and police. This has been very difficult due to the lack of transparency and accountability on behalf of the police agencies.

The conflict between the police and citizens have continued to escalate in our communities due to the continuing issues of police abuse on the black and brown communities. This has resulted in costing tax payers millions of dollars in lawsuits. 

I would love to propose the idea of Police Vs Citizens Charity Boxing matches as a way to ease the tensions between the community and police. How can this ease the tentions? This will allow for the community to participate in an organized, structured event that will promote understanding and transparency along with providing entertainment to ease tentions in our communities. 

The meetings and discussions have not worked. We have to try to adopt new out of the box strategies to  address this on going issue in our neighborhoods. The subject of police brutality and misconduct is a difficult issue to addresss. Charity boxing not only tackles the ideal of police community relations it will raise money to help fund activities and endeavors to build up relations as well. 

Yes, we will have to work on the structure and shape the idea a lot more, but this is a start of heading in a new direction and actually allowing our communities to have an outlet to address these issues in a safe and controlled environment that will allow for great dialogue and progress. 


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