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The Calming Four Primordial Swing Dance has been running a weekly East Coast Swing Dance for 21 years in Albuquerque. It serves as a institution that introduces people from all backgrounds and ages to the world of social dancing. Social dancing has been shown to improve social skills, reduce stress, improve overall health through exercise, and even slow the effects of mental aging. 

The City of Albuquerque, currently under Mayor Tim Keller, has instituted a policy that requires all patrons of events held at community centers (like The Heights Community Center where The Calming Four has been hosting their dance for years) to obtain and present a Community Center ID/fob. The enforcement of this policy will result in the end of this beloved dance that provides a consistent social outlet for many members of our community. 

The city has yet to provide consistent information regarding this policy, for example, how this policy will effect for minors, visitors, non-permanent residents, and friends from neighboring cities in their attempts to attend the dance. 

What we need from the city is official answers to the following questions:

1.) What is the exact wording of this policy and how does the public find it?
2.) Why was this policy instituted and why is it only now being enforced?
3.) How does this policy affect these specific groups: minors, visitors from out of state, friends from neighboring cities (and states), and those with non-permanent Albuquerque addresses (for example college students)? What new procedure will these people need to adhere to in order to attend? 
4.) What will the effect on the dance be if the system becomes temporarily or permanently nonfunctional?


We appreciate your continued support!


**Photo is from a social dance at the Heights Community Center circa 1950**