Brothers and Burque on the Bus: Thank Council & Mayor for Free Transit as Budget Priority

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Since 2017 Together for Brothers (T4B) and other community partners including non-profits, city departments and also City Councilor Pat Davis have been working on free youth bus passes as "transit equity" -- the people most impacted by needing transit get what they need!

T4B's research -- check out more about the youth-led health impact assessment (HIA) on transit at -- found that barriers to transportation affect the health of young men of color and other young people. Some of these "social determinants of health" include access to education (arriving on time and not being truant to school), access to employment (finding and keeping a job) and access to recreation (especially for youth who lives in parts of the city with less parks and play spaces) as well as promoting healthy habits like healthy eating and exercise.

When T4B listened to youth's stories about transit equity, we found out the biggest barrier was just having the $0.35 or a bus pass to ride the bus one way. That's where we got the idea, also by researching other communities like Mesa, AZ and right here in New Mexico communities like Los Alamos and Santa Fe. It's also similar to the bus passes that CNM and UNM students receive.

Free youth bus passes and transit equity would make young men of color and other young people in Burque healthier but also would impact their families and communities. We all win in Burque if those in are community who are most impacted are healthier.

Now's the chance, City Councilor Pat Davis has introduced free fares for transit as a budget priority with youth receiving free fares by January 2021 and everyone in Burque receiving free fares by January 2022. Albuquerque would become the largest city in the country to offer free fares. And remember it's not just about getting on the bus but where the bus can take young people in Albuquerque -- to healthier futures.

So, now is where we need you to sign this petition thanking the city councilors and mayors for making fare free transit a budget priority in Burque. And if you can, make a phone call to your city councilor too!

It takes less than a minute to find your city councilor at and contact them with the simple message, "thanks for making free fares for transit a Burque budget priority and standing with transit equity." And if you can please share a story of how a youth's health or other outcomes would be impacted with free youth fares.

  • District 1: (Policy Analyst Elaine Romero) - or (505) 768-3183
  • District 2: Councilor Isaac Benton - or (505) 768-3186
  • District 3: Councilor Klarissa Peña - or (505) 768-3127
  • District 4: Councilor Brook Bassan - or (505) 768-3101
  • District 5: Councilor Cynthia Borrego - or (505) 768-3189
  • District 6: Councilor Pat Davis - or (505) 768-3152
  • District 7: Councilor Diane Gibson - or (505) 768-3136
  • District 8: Councilor Trudy Jones - or (505) 768-3106
  • District 9: Councilor Don Harris - or (505) 768-3123

And finally, if you can please join us at the city council meeting on Monday, March 2 at 5:00pm to speak in favor of free fares for transit. Contact for more information.

Don't forget - 1) sign this petition thank all city councilors and Mayor Time Keller, 2) find and call your city councilor and 3) show up to the March 2 city council meeting to speak in favor of FREE FARES FOR TRANSIT.