Say NO to M-Station as Proposed

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It seems like this redevelopment effort is being forced upon the town by its very own elected officials. The development promises to displace several small businesses owners, many of whom operate eateries and offer goods and other services that are heavily relied upon by a low-income neighborhood within walking distance to the project site. There are significant environmental concerns related to a steep gradient which leads to these neighborhoods.

We are looking at a project that cultivates food desert-like and loss of access conditions by eliminating affordable eateries, goods and services located proximally to the town’s only low-income area and displaces small business owners. The gradient is a major concern based on 2018 being NJ’s wettest on record and potential flooding that will certainly affect the low-income area that is already losing its affordable and accessible goods and services.  Unfortunately, “Areas Designated for Rehab” are not subject to environmental standards that would normally prohibit this kind of development.

There is a publicly available court record email exchange (The Mayor and town are currently in litigation with Silverman, the original sight of Deloitte), suggesting this project is not desired by a top accounting firm, being touted by the developer as a company that wants to move forward with this project.  It's being alleged, the developer SJP Properties and property owners Scotto has cut deals with certain business owners by promising stand-alone locations in exchange for public speeches at council meetings in support of this project. The Town Planner exclaims the town’s hands are tied to proceed based on a redevelopment ordinance adopted in 2008.

Research on traffic impact DID NOT include the impact of other large developments on the border of town.  Nor have they been made available publicly.  This oversight is unacceptable!

The plan does not retain the suburban character of Downtown Morristown.

This development looks and feels like an all-out assault (food desert like & environmental racism) on low-income residents at the hand of their elected officials.

Mark your calendars for upcoming meeting dates, the first being March 5.  Please come out to ask your questions and voice your concerns.  

Please sign this petition to oppose M-Station Redevelopment plan as proposed.

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