Quash Noise By-Law No° - 18-12 in RM of Springfield, MB

Quash Noise By-Law No° - 18-12 in RM of Springfield, MB

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A new noise by-law (By-Law No° 18-12) is in effect in the RM of Springfield and is being enforced. As you may have heard, on Sunday April 21st, 2019 two kids (aged 4 and 7) were riding their 50 cc dirt bikes (a kid's dirt bike) on their private property in the RM of Springfield and got a ticket. On Sunday! 

The Noise By-Law No° 18-12, prohibits the use/operation of any/all engines fueled by diesel or gasoline, motorized vehicles, motorized equipment, motorized garden and yard equipment ,off road vehicles (ATV's, quads, trikes, dirt bikes, etc..), air compressors, outdoor speakers, shouting, yelling, loud singing or any other noise producing activities, discharging fire crackers, fireworks, construction tools, construction equipment, etc... (the list goes on)

Effected hours:

Between 10:00 pm and 7:00 am Monday to Sunday 
Between 10:00 pm on Saturday to 9:00 am on Sunday
All day/night Sundays and on Statutory holidays.

The example above of the 2 kids on a dirt bike being ticketed is only the beginning of overzealous enforcement against the common sounds of living.  This said, there is definitely a time and place for intervention on disrespectful  noise levels – you can’t enforce courtesy and common sense, but you can deal with those who violate social norms. The solution for such would be filing a noise complaint. The people of Springfield have a right to live a quality of life without governing bodies interfering and setting questionable laws that hinder on daily activities. 

By signing this petition we are telling Mayor Tiffany Fell that we do not support the By-Law No° 18-12 in the RM of Springfield, MB and wish to quash it all together.  

Link to read the by-law: http://cms.rmofspringfield.ca/_docs/18-12Signed_0b591399f6.pdf