Springfield Residents – Stand Up for Peaceful & Respectful Country Living!

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In May 2018, a large dirt bike track was constructed on approximately 8 acres adjacent to numerous 5 acre rural residential properties in the RM of Springfield.

The property owners and their kids use the track. Family and friends from the area also frequently come to ride. The track includes many 6 to 8 foot mounds and as the multiple bikes accelerate over them, it creates significant loud revving noise that can be heard from more than 1/4 mile away.

This dirt bike activity has been hugely disruptive to the use and enjoyment of the adjacent neighbours’ outdoor space and well-being. Not only due to the annoying noise but also by the resulting dust and excessive exhaust fumes. 

There are several homes within a 1/4 mile radius.  For one adjacent neighbour, the dirt bike track is located only 20 feet (6 meters) from their property line and 290 feet (90 meters) from their home.

Surrounding residents have made dozens of complaints to the RM council and police, but the dirt biking still continues for another year. The RM has told the track owners that their track is prohibited under the RM Zoning By-Law, but so far the RM has not shut it down.  

The new Noise By-Law (passed last fall) surprisingly does not cover the disruptive loud noise this track activity generates. The bylaw is overly technical and includes arbitrarily-set decibel requirements. The police must also be on scene to measure decibels while the activity is on-going. The bylaw fails to recognize the irritating nature of the up and down revving engine noise. Medical studies have confirmed there are adverse affects from continuous exposure to this type of noise including irritability, stress, anxiety and lack of sleep. Neighbours have made the RM aware of the adverse effects this noise is having on their mental and physical well-being.

We understand recreational dirt biking and ATV’ing is a hobby of many Springfield residents. But for the most part, these enthusiasts are respectful of others and don’t ride continuously near people’s homes. Instead, they choose to ride on larger properties or on designated tracks. We also distinguish recreational ATV’ing from using ATV’s for property maintenance or yard work.

The residents of Springfield are entitled and should expect to use and enjoy their property free from the aggravation of continuous erratic motor noise, fumes and flying dust from a recreational activity.

Since these track owners are continuing to ride without consequence, there appears to be nothing stopping others from starting up similar tracks and/or riding in a similar fashion.  


The RM should put a stop to this type of disruptive and unneighbourly behaviour through the creation and enforcement of a Dirt Bike/ATV By-Law. 

Please sign this petition and tell Mayor Fell and the RM council that Springfield residents:


Stand up for your right to peaceful country living and a respectful neighbourhood!