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No BCRY / Cando Rail bulk fuel transfer site in Essa ( Utopia / Angus )

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Cando/BCRY are proposing a rezoning of the existing BCRY rail yard at 30th side road and county road 56 in Essa (Utopia / Angus) to allow a fuel transfer and storage facility that will increase both rail and road traffic transporting toxic and flammable fuels through our township (fuels to be transferred include gasoline, CBOB gasoline for mixing with ethanol, ethanol, and diesel), with many potential side effects (such as affecting groundwater / well water).  Please sign the petition to stop this. SAY NO TO TRANSFER STATION IN ESSA TOWNSHIP. 

Some background information can be found in the agenda from the Essa committee of the whole agenda from November 17, 2017 (starting on page marked '4a').  More information should become available once the minutes of the December 20th Essa council meeting are posted on the township website.  Thanks to all who were in attendance to voice their concerns and potential issues, some of which are listed below:

- potential negative effects on local watershed, groundwater, high water table and local well/drinking water: many of the surrounding properties rely on well water for drinking. In fact, the proposed facility borders a Simcoe County designated 'Wellhead Protection Area' (this information can be found on the Simcoe County GIS map under the South Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Source Water Protection layer).  

- The Essa fire department point out that they DO NOT HAVE THE RESOURCES TO FIGHT A FIRE AT THIS FACILITY.   In addition to this point, it was mentioned that an Enbridge gas line runs along the whole north end of the proposed facility. There are no hydrants in this area, and a fire at a family home only a few hundred meters from the proposed site resulted in a total loss of the home due to such fire-fighting difficulties (see article about the fire here). 

- This facility is bordered by a farm and conservation lands to the south, residential areas to the west.  The closest residence is only 75 meters away.  FYI, the area is currently zoned for AGRICULTURAL use.

- There has already been a train derailment at this location in 2008 (see article HERE), suggesting it could be vulnerable to future derailments.  Also, none of the local rail crossings have signals or barriers and there have been collisions between road traffic and trains in the area in the past (see article here). 

- Multiple residents pointed out that such fossil fuels that this facility would be used for are 'old technology' and are on their way out (many industries are moving away from relying on them).  Why are we investing in OLD TECHNOLOGY that could be obsolete in the near future?  Sounds like a lot of risk for little gain. 

The above are only a few of the many concerns brought up.  If you have more information you would like listed or linked here, please email me: . 


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