Get the Racists Out of Our Police Forces

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This petition became necessary when during the arrests in Portland it was noticed that the police were being assisted by neo-nazi and white supremacy supporters. It was uncomfortable to witness the scene of a neo-nazi taking a cable tie out of the belt of a police officer and assisting in restraining the person being arrested. It showed a clear a working relationship between the police and a neo-nazi and it was frightening.

Our police officers must be above suspicion and not part of the problem by being either members or sympathizers of these hate groups. Please support this petition and keeping the police safe for the common good.

Separating white supremacists from mainstream America is no small thing because they been around for a long time. 

When looking at our American history it is clear to see that segregation and racism are deeply rooted in our history. In the mid-1800s we had a civil war about it and some people still haven't gotten over that 150 years later and are still holding strongly to their separationist views.

We are witnessing an administration that is embracing those views and that separationist mentality is bringing a title-wave of bigots, racists, neo-Nazis and white supremacists to the surface.

It is impossible to serve and protect the public as a member of any police force and be a neo-Nazi or white supremacist.

We the undersigned demand that our police forces be free of those individuals that promise white domination and promote segregation. The police force is paid by the public funds and the public is diverse and of many colors. If individuals in the police forces cannot recognize this and deal with everyone fairly then they must be questioned and if necessary reprimanded and discharged.

No more racism in the police departments as we demand equality for all of the individuals that they serve. They are to be taught, trained and instructed to protect and serve, "all of us".