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Please support NE 7th Greenway @ PDX

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We strongly support the proposed Greenway on NE 7th from Lloyd Ave to Sumner St. We believe that a Greenway on 7th will dramatically improve Portland’s bikeway network, improve the safety of people using and crossing the street, and restore 7th to its original function as a local neighborhood street.

For many years neighbors on 7th Avenue have seen a lot of unsafe traffic behaviors mainly from frustrated commuters avoiding MLK. They are cutting through the neighborhood using 7th Avenue as their route driving faster than posted speed limits, refusing to stop for pedestrians and rarely yielding to cyclists.  Currently 7th Avenue is a de-facto bike route. In addition, hundreds of pedestrians use this street including children that attend Albina Head Start, King and Irvington Schools and residents walking to take public transportation.

Keeping all people safe that are using 7th should be a priority.

A Great Bikeway

A Greenway on 7th would be a superior bikeway for one simple reason: it doesn’t require a map to understand. All the way from I-84 to Sumner, it’s a straight and direct route with an easy and even grade. This is exactly the kind of bikeway we need in Portland to make bicycling accessible to more of our neighbors: easy to use, easy to find, and easy to follow. And every person that uses a bike is one person who’s not using a car, thereby improving mobility for everyone in the city.

These are the additional reasons why we believe that NE 7th is a superior choice over NE 9th:

1)    Already heavily used by bicyclists and pedestrians to access neighborhood destinations. Used by children attending Irvington School, King School, Albina Head Start, and people with disabilities. (DaVita, Norco Medical, Numotion)

2) Through traffic should be using MLK Blvd; vulnerable road users and adjacent residents should not be overwhelmed by traffic avoiding MLK

3) Connects directly to existing bike infrastructure in the Lloyd and across Broadway/Weidler 

4) Most mellow grade, which is key for those unexperienced riders, people with disabilities and elderly pedestrians

5) Existing traffic signals at Fremont, Prescott, and Alberta 

7) Only a few blocks away from the bike/ped-unfriendly MLK commercial corridor; connects to King School and King Farmer's Market 

8) There are existing traffic calming measures in place on stretches of 7th (improvement is necessary but better than starting from a blank slate)

9) Future bike/ped bridge over I-84 likely to touch down at 7th on N side of freeway UPDATE: PBOT decided that the final alignment for this bridge will be from NE 7th on the north side of I-84 to 7th avenue on the south side

10)  Every cyclist we asked riding on 7th told us that they would not ride on 9th even if a greenway went on it.

 12)  More direct route, keeps bike traffic out of Irving Park

13) In the Community Outreach event that we held on March 6, 2016, we found out that support from residents on the street was strong.  We have collected 72 signatures from residents from NE 7thAve. Including King, Eliot and Irvington neighborhoods.

14) The area on 9th between Weidler/ Broadway is challenging and Lloyd District stakeholders objected strongly to have a greenway there.

15) 9th Ave would require running a path entering by the playground and by the baseball and soccer fields where young children play, dogs play free and stray soccer and baseballs fly. Or a path forced to skirt around the park necessitating 4 tight right angle turns for the bike commuter plus the installation of a traffic light on NE 9th and Freemont.

16) PBOT provided a cost estimate and a greenway on 7th could cost $1 million VS a greenway on 9th could cost $2 million.

The only way the City can reach its ambitious goals laid out in the Bike Plan for 2030 is supporting projects like this.

Our city must work quickly to achieve our goal of 60% of trips made on foot, by bike, or by transit in 2030. Projects like this are necessary to create the safe conditions necessary to get young, elderly, family, and "interested but concerned" folks traversing the city on foot and by bike.

Please keep the greenway on NE 7th and protect the hundreds of pedestrians and riders that use NE 7th on a daily basis!


A greenway on NE 7th Ave is enthusiastically supported by the following organizations:

- Bicycle Transportation Alliance/The Street Trust

- Bike Loud PDX

-Weidler-Broadway Alliance

-King Neighborhood Association

-Eliot Neighborhood Association

-Irvington Community Association


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