Appeal Fulton County and Judge Greg Heller's Decision

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This petition is to appeal the decision made by Judge Heller, in Fulton County, Indiana.

In regards to Alyssa Sheppard after she killed 3 children and sent the fourth through a series of surgeries.

We feel as a community, and as a state, that he has ruled unjustly and that she should never had been in the court of a judge that knows her family.

All that sign this disagree with your decision and urge you to grant an appeal and allow a different judge to oversee the decision.

This charge does not reflect the crime.

She was not only speeding, she ignored the bus, and the children crossing the street.

She called her friend Brittney Thompson, a dispatcher directly after the incident showing that she had full control of her mind.

These blatant conflicts of interests should be more than enough for an appeal in a judicial system that is supposed to be fair.

Those babies don't get to come home.

Neither should she.

This petition is for an appeal and is but the first step towards true justice for this mother and her young ones that have endured such a life because of Alyssa's lack of respect for the law.

We urge you to show compassion not for the killer, but for the family of the deceased.