Save the Smokestacks

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The preservation of our community landmarks is under threat with the demolition of the smokestacks at the St. Julian Devine Community Center on Charleston's Eastside. They are among the last vestiges of Charleston's industrial past. The Preservation Society of Charleston and Historic Charleston Foundation are calling on the City of Charleston to recognize that the preservation of Charleston's  architecture and features makes it one of the greatest cities in America. So, we're asking the city to do the right thing by preserving ALL of Charleston's architectural landmarks, no matter in which neighborhood these structures are located.

Preserve the smokestacks intact. Abandon the conversations surrounding demolition or the removal of half of the smokestacks. We've heard from other engineers in the community that there are alternatives that meet the twin goals of public safety and preservation. Charleston is the epi-center of preservation. Doing an end-run around the BAR and the public process by having the chief building inspector declare these structures as a public safety threat is hardly leading by example. The city's leadership needs to do the right thing to protect the history of Charleston and the Eastside's notable skyline. 

Petition jointly started by the Preservation Society of Charleston and Historic Charleston Foundation. Photo by The Post and Courier