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Traffic Light Reform, Gold Coast

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Traffic Light Software Upgrade. 

The biggest cause of congestion on the Gold Coast is software used to control the Traffic Lights on the Gold Coast.

Traffic Lights on major aterials are not synchronised nor sensored. Often drivers are left at lights for lengthy periods causing major congestion, waiting for no one. On Brisbane Road a commuter can spend more time idle then it takes to travel the length of the road. 

It was confirmed on RN by Mayor Tate that the software deployed to control Gold Coast Traffic Lights were not designed to sense  cars nor synchronise lights. 

The incidental cost to the community and individuals is massive. Such Costs incl. business unproductivity, time lost re staff stuck in traffic, mechanical and fuel costs for idle cars, anxiety and stress, frustration and anger. 

Gold Coast does not need more roads, its needs a better Traffic Light Management System and it should be a priority if the Council is serious about solving Traffic Congestion. 

Please sign the petition to let Council know Residents of the Gold Coast would like the Traffic Light issues to be solved. 





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