The need for a dog park in Hanwell, N​.​B.

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We are fortunate to live in the beautiful rural community of Hanwell, N.B. and many additions have taken place, including the new fire hall, the new recreation centre, the new playground and the new school that is under construction.  Hanwell prioritizes a strong sense of community, including being family oriented and neighbourly.  It also encourages residents to spend time outside and enjoy the wonderful things nature has to offer.  For many, "family" includes those that have four paws and who are very important to us.  Although there is an off leash area in the Hanwell trails, there is a need for a place where our furry family members can run and play without owners having to worry about recall or leash regulations in the event they may cross paths with someone who doesn't like dogs.  Let's face it, some of us have dogs who listen well and aren't really interested in others.... but then there are those of us who have multiple dogs who are very social and want to meet EVERYONE.  Their eagerness to socialize can cause them to be so excited they may not listen as well as they should.  Some may say it's no excuse, that all dogs should be perfectly trained to listen. Point taken, that would be nice... however, we don't live in a perfect world.  That is often easier said than done... There are many residents who relied on the trails to exercise their pups, however, now do not feel comfortable taking them there.  I can appreciate following the by-law and accommodating those who do not like or fear dogs, however, why not accommodate the rest of us? There is a simple solution to communicate and show that we, as dog owners, are an important part of this community too.  Hanwell needs a dog friendly place where dogs and their owners can socialize stress free.  There are acres of land in this area, we pay a significant amount of taxes and dog parks prove to be a successful addition to many communities.  It's time that the residents of Hanwell reap the benefits of such an addition.  Hanwell needs a dog park!