Stop Wetland and Tree Destruction from Over-Development in Ormond Beach, FL

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We the undersigned request complete reinstatement of all wetland and tree preservation development rules in the city's land development code, zonings, and comprehensive land use plan including the application of LID (Low Impact Development) principles.

The Ormond Beach planning board and the city commission both unanimously approved the wrongful rezoning that destroyed the Granada Boulevard greenbelt.The planned development is wrong for trees and the environment, wrong for adjacent property owners, wrong for stressed traffic, wrong to put four feet of fill and a gas station in the floodplain. Three gas stations already exist nearby. It's economically wrong to bring low-value jobs and a new supermarket close to two supermarkets less than a mile away, with an abandoned supermarket just east of the bridge.

Strict Ormond Beach wetland rules were removed in 2009. Granada Boulevard zoning definitions were rewritten in 2014, allowing new uses, higher density, special exceptions, and the shocking obliteration of the green space. A companion greenspace across the street, between the Moose Lodge and the Three Chimneys preservation, was just bulldozed.

At a citizen-organized meeting two dozen speakers rose to question the recent deforestation on Granada Boulevard, a twenty-acre clear-cut that left people feeling disenfranchised, disrespected and dismissed by the government that allowed it.
In addition to the rule changes, Environmental Advisory and Development Review boards were abolished several years ago.

We hope to bridge the clear disconnect between our city government and its people. We invite citizens to add their email addresses to our petition. With that, early information about development applications and proposed rule changes can be provided. This will allow you to send your evaluative input to the city.

This new dialogue can achieve community consensus and balanced development. Our city's charm attracts the intense growth pressures that could erode that charm. Longtime local hotel owner Rolf Gardey said it best: "People who come here from all over the world don't come to see another gas station and shopping center...They come here to experience the area's natural beauty...We're sacrificing priceless long-term assets, our large oak trees, for short-term gains."

We will seek to restore all wetland and development rules removed since 2009, with strengthened tree preservation and replacement codes, along with low-impact development principles. We also request a moratorium on all future development until these rules and codes are back in place. We must protect Ormond Beach green spaces while working with city government to find a qualitative growth balance that achieves both.

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