Stop the Development of the New Albany Dining District

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The property located at 6678 Central College Road, New Albany Ohio 43054 currently has an open application for re-zoning and re-development. The building, built in 1836, is considered a historic landmark in New Albany, Ohio. While many in the area will agree they would like to see the building renovated and/or purposed, the purpose of this petition is out outline the disagreement the below signed have regarding it's proposed use, based upon the development plan laid out in the re-zoning application. 

The application reads that to be placed on the property, which is .511 acres. The adjoining property also owned by the seller is .426 acres, bringing the total acreage to .937 acres. On this land, the developer, TFTFP, LLC, signed for by Joe Dwyer, of Columbus, Ohio, proposes a mixed-use "community center". This community center would be open daily from 10a-10p, and feature a micro-brewery, alcohol carry-out, and food trucks. Nearby residents are concerned over the impacts this will have on the following:

  • Air Quality
  • Noise 
  • Traffic Patterns
  • Pedestrian Traffic and Safety
  • Cleanliness/Rodents
  • Diminished Property Values
  • Drainage issues/water detention
  • Parking

The undersigned do agree that they do not support this particular business being located at this immediate location, and kindly request the Mayor of New Albany, Ohio, City Council and the New Albany Planning Commission, as well as the Rocky Fork-Blacklick Accord, take the considerations and concerns of these nearby property owners and residents into account when approving or denying this application.