Stop harm to a Disabled Black Woman

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Nour Fahmy
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Author Candace Willrich is being harassed daily by law enforcement, city, and state officials in Las Vegas, NV.  They will not stop communicating slurs into her home and into her motor vehicle.  They are also colluding with third parties to manipulate the electricity voltage into her home - harming any medical implant in her person including neck hardware due to a fractured neck and gallbladder clips.  They are also manipulating pregnancy implants around all of her female organs.  There is an injection needle in her foot.  They are shooting electricity or something thereof against these areas.  Please help Candace stop this inhumane battery against her health and life.  Call the mayor, the police chief, and the attorney general.  They've ignored her plea for assistance. Tell everyone you know - she lives in Las Vegas. 

This author also has Mathematics and MBA degrees.  They've intentionally harmed her intellect and ability to obtain employment.