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Petitioning Mayor Steven M. Morley, City of Elmhurst Council Members

The Hot Dog Lady of Elmhurst Pamela Uslander No Relocation from original site which has been held for 23yrs. No increase in license fee

*  visibilty will be lessened, west from Addison St., east from Schiller St., north and south on York Rd.

*  relocation was based on deeming this business and area a safety hazzard, which was based on a "possible" not yet determinded 6-story garage on Addison St., which is 1 1/2 blocks away from said location.

*  Elmhurst City Centre representative titled this business "uncomplimentary" to current location but finds it complimentary on east side of York Rd.

*  said business does not want to be labeled negatively as an unsafe or hazzard like business

*  If Council agrees to a 2014 re-location, this will be opening a door up to future relocations in the future that could be based once again on assumptions, possibilities, and developement in the City of Elmhurst

*  Pamela Uslander (a.k.a The Hot Dog Lady of Elmhurst) is willing to TEMPORARILY move to the east side of York Rd., per construction or demolition of adjacent buildings

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  • Mayor Steven M. Morley, City of Elmhurst Council Members

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