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Send Lucy to PAWS or the Elephant Sanctuary

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This petition is to help raise awareness for the inhumanity that Lucy faces and to ultimately send her to an elephant sanctuary where she can live out the rest of her life in a more comfortable and social environment.

Lucy is a lone elephant living at the Edmonton Valley Zoo

Lucy's current enclosure is less than one acre and she is locked up in a small barn stall for 16 - 17 hrs/day for 7 months of the year.

At PAWS, Lucy would have 80 acres to roam; at The Elephant Sanctuary, she would have over 2000 acres. Both options are FAR better than her current confinement.

Being confined to a small space and unable to socialize with other elephants, Lucy is suffering. In addition, the weather in Canada is less than optimal for elephants.

At PAWS or The Elephant Sanctuary, Lucy would be able to socialize with other elephants.

Please help send Lucy to PAWS or The Elephant Sanctuary by signing this petition and passing the link along to friends and family.

Thank you.


News and Updates:

January 16, 2013 - Ottawa Citizen news article

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The Elephant Sanctuary

If you have signed this petition and would like to further support the cause to have Lucy sent to a sanctuary - sign the petition below to ensure that she gets a proper health assessment. The health assessment will be used to determine her condition and ability to be moved to a sanctuary. Detailed information can be found on the petition.

Allow a Panel of External Elephant Experts to Examine Lucy


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