Save Buckner and Pebblebrook Roads from High Density Housing

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Lyn Christoffersen
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Applications for Annexation and Rezoning have been submitted to the City of Smyrna for the development of the 12.7 acre parcel at the corner of Pebblebook Road and Buckner Road in Mableton, GA.  The proposed purpose of the Rezoning application is to change the current land use of LDR - Low Density Residential (unincorporated Cobb County) to MODR - Medium Density Residential (City of Smyrna).  The purpose of the Annexation application is to annex this parcel into the City of Smyrna from unincorporated Cobb County.

The public zoning and planning meeting for this application will be held on Monday, October 14 at 6pm at Smyrna City Hall.

We, the residents of the surrounding neighborhoods, urge the Mayor, City Council and Planning and Zoning Board Members to vote NO to the annexation and rezoning.

The surrounding residents oppose this rezoning as it is incompatible with the density and style of the existing neighborhoods. We demand that any new development adhere with the current zoning.

A traffic study has not been completed to assess the impact of the rezoning to the Whitefield School or surrounding roads of Pebblebrook, Buckner and Oakdale that are already congested during AM and PM peak times.

The potential impacts to the water and sewer infrastructure have not been adequately assessed.

The rezoning conflicts with the City of Smyrna's Comprehensive Plan and the community's vision for future residential development.  The Comprehensive Plan has assigned this area's "residential character" as LDR - low density residential.