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We, members of Out Now and the community-at large are calling for a requirement that ALL Springfield, MA police officers carry personal liability insurance as a condition of their employment.
*This requirement would be similar to insurance policies that doctors have to carry, where, like police, they are in a profession that at times involves making life or death decisions under stress.  However, doctors do not expect the tax payer to pay for their claims.  
*If all police had to carry insurance, the worst offenders would quickly be identified, and they would be charged a higher rate. If they continued down this path, eventually they would be priced out, or become un-insurable and thus unemployable.
*While this will not fully eradicate police brutality, it will address the officers who have numerous complaints of police brutality, abuse and misconduct.   Police departments have a very hard time getting rid of their serial offenders, largely due to police unions, and this requirement would offer one solution.
*We can use some of the taxpayer money that is currently being spent to settle police brutality lawsuits to give officers an insurance allowance.  This addresses those who say that police are doing a risky job that doesn’t pay that well.
*Insurance companies are well positioned to handle this task as they are very skilled at identifying risk, such as in car insurance where companies charge more to risky drivers who have had more accidents and tickets. 
*This policy would be positive for public safety and also protect the constitutional rights of the members of our community.
We, the undersigned, request Mayor Sarno and the City Council approve a policy requirement calling for all Springfield, MA police officers to carry their own personal liability insurance.