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Petitioning Mayor Sam Abed and members of the Escondido City Council

Stop plans to "donate" 9 acres of Kit Carson Park to build a Water Park.

Kit Carson Park is one of the "jewels" of Escondido. It is a a place for people to walk, feed the ducks, let children play,visit the beautiful sculpture gardens,etc. It is home to countless wild animals and acres of beautiful mature trees. Once this natural habitat area is destroyed we will never get it back again. Mayor Sam Abed and the Escondido City Council are presently in negotiations with a private developer to build a Water Park on 9 acres of this beautiful park land. They would DONATE this land to the developer in order to do this! Escondido already has public swimming pools which are available to residents and there is already a Water Park close by in Vista which is an eyesore. There is no need to build another Water Park where residents would have to PAY to use the facilities and give up the park land they love.

A large portion of Kit Carson park was already turned over to developers in the past to create the North County Fair Westfield Shopping Mall, we cannot allow the City develop
anymore of the park for commercial use.
A Water Park would bring in added traffic, noise, and unwanted visitors to what is a residential area with an elementary and middle school. There are plenty of other areas in Escondido where a park such as this could be built without destroying the beautiful park that tax payers have taken so long to build. (Specifically the area by the new Palomar Hospital and Stone Brewery is one such area.) It is unfair to the residents of Escondido to proceed with something like this without at LEAST placing it on the ballot for constituents to vote on.

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