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Mr. Brad Jones deserves more than a handshake for cleaning up the needles in St. Thomas. He is protecting children, men, women, and our loving pets from countless harmful diseases and who knows what else by his selfless service to our town. He goes anywhere at any time to clean up needless dropped without care all over our sidewalks and in our very public locations! WHY can't our city afford to pay this man for what he is is a is a job no one wants to do yet it needs to be why isn't there funding available? Do you as a citizen of the city of St. Thomas want to see Mr. Jones paid for what he is doing to protect your children from getting a hold of a dirty needle? If the answer is yes then please sign this petition so we can show Joe Preston, our mayor, that Mr. Jones has the backing and the support of the city of St. Thomas! PLEASE PLEASE DON'T IGNORE THIS PETITION, IT IS IMPORTANT TO SHOW THOSE WE ELECTED THAT OUR VOICES MEAN SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!