Clean Montreal Again

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As proud citizens of Montreal we are extremely upset that our once beautiful city is now dirty and smelly.

Our Mayor has decided to skimp money on matters that are truly important - keeping the city clean! 

The Mayor lives in an expensive neighborhood  without apartment buildings or homes of large families and has not looked at the concerns of the Citizens of Montreal which she is supposed to take care of 

Our once beautiful city is now over ridden with smelly garbage bags and flies 

Our garbage collectors can not keep up with the amount of garbage now that they have to collect double as much because it is done only once a week , and so garbage collects and smells and attracts flies and rodents 

Garbage is also collected much later in the day because of the large amounts 

”Mayor , why would tourists want to come see our smelly city ? Aren’t you embarrassed? We are ! It doesn’t matter what goes into beautify our parks or how many marriages you care to officaiate to make yourself look good ... if our city smells , you will always be looked upon badly for making this embarrassing discomfort and nuisance 

Make our city beautiful again by returning garbage removal to twice a week