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Our synagogue, the Maon Noam Khakhan Centre, is located at 910 Rutherford Rd., in the city of Vaughan. Most of our congregation is comprised of growing young families with lots of children. The Synagogue is an orthodox Jewish synagogue whose attendees
are restricted from driving on the weekly Sabbath and other religious
holidays, thereby requiring the attendees to walk along Rutherford Road
for attendance purposes, often after nightfall.

Rutherford Road between Ilan Ramon Boulevard and Thomas Cook Avenue is
characterized by vehicular traffic travelling at a high rate of speed of
at least 60 kilometres per hour in both directions, with no appreciable
lighting at night, and with no intermediate pedestrian crosswalks.
Further, both the north and south sides of Rutherford Road surrounding
said Maon Noam Synagogue, between Ilan Ramon Boulevard and Thomas Cook
Avenue, have no sidewalks and are only characterized by narrow curbed
and frequently obstructed shoulders which pedestrians must maneuver with
great difficulty and risk of personal injury due to vehicular traffic.
This poses an unacceptable safety hazard, which has become dramatically
more pronounced with the onset of winter.

Several years ago, in November 2011, a member of our congregation was killed on his way home after a community Shabbat meal held at the synagogue. (https://www.vosizneias.com/95193/2011/11/19/toronto-canada-man-hit-by-car-shabbos-night-crossing-unlit-street-dies/

We have repeatedly petitioned the city to put up streetlights and sidewalks. We are hereby asking you to have concrete barriers installed along the sides of the street in order to make it safer for our congregants and other pedestrians.

Your prompt and immediate attention to the foregoing hazardous situation is urgently required.

Thank you for anticipated assistance hereunder.