Toronto affordable housing and homeless crisis

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Many Toronto low income residents have become homeless over the years and it is a well known fact this city is the worst when it comes to the severe lack of affordable housing and the homeless crisis in our country.

It is also a well known fact many of those (too many) have passed away due to the fact that they became homeless either on the streets or even in homeless shelters.

The city has obviously been negligent in Dealing with these issues over time and it shows today with the magnitude of these issues. In the past year alone in excess of 100 homeless have died in this city alone and unfortunately this is just a small sample of how many have left us for no good reason over the years since the homeless crisis began.

Social activist have fought for years to get the city to do a better job dealing with these issues, real action needs to be taken now to stop the needless homeless death in this city and also prevent more citizens from becoming homeless, urgent action is needed to deal with the severe affordable housing crisis in this city.

Mayor Tory and city council need to do whatever is needed now to deal with these issues if they don't the situation will not get any better obviously, they need to understand people on low income need their attention and they need to work with the other levels of Governments (Federal & Provincial) to rectify an obvious wrong being done to those in most need in their city. Council Members need to act more responsibly towards those in need then they obviously are.