The Ghanaian-Canadian Association of Ontario needs your support!

The Ghanaian-Canadian Association of Ontario needs your support!

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The Ghanaian-Canadian Association of Ontario (GCAO) is currently the largest non-profit organization that supports, promotes and improves the well-being of Ghanaian-Canadians in Ontario. Since 2012 the organization has delivered multifaceted social, cultural and educational programs which, have worked to alleviate the diverse challenges community members face as Black-Canadian immigrants. 

Over the last five years, GCAO has been actively working with the City of Toronto to acquire a community space that will provide the organization the ability to further strengthen and deliver in-person community services. However, last week GCAO’s Leadership Team and Members were unexpectedly notified that the City of Toronto retrieved the building in mid-April, and has since utilized it to store and clean personal protective equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite GCAO following all of the City’s requirements as an organization to acquire the space, there was no formal contact made with GCAO when the location was retrieved by the City of Toronto back in April. 

The Ghanaian community in the Greater Toronto Area is estimated at about 50,000 people. Without having this specific space available to community members as expected, there will be an exacerbation of existing inequities such as poverty, lack of communal resources, access to counselling and youth supports, all of which is coupled with the pervasive impact of anti-Black racism.   

We are kindly asking for your signatures in our support to have a long-term solution, ensuring GCAO will acquire an appropriate space to support the Ghanaian-Canadian community as previously anticipated and discussed with City officials. The Ghanaian-Canadian Association of Ontario is requesting the City of Toronto immediately:

1. Indicate a process of accountability that will identify the specific supports, processes and personnel from the City of Toronto responsible in supporting GCAO to acquire a new space going forward. 
2. Aid GCAO in its process to retrieve a space at equal or lesser value within a 6-month period and within a preferred geographical vicinity. 
3. Provide an interim communal space to be utilized while a permanent space is secured. 

For more information or to provide further support feel free to email:

GCAOCANADA@GMAIL.COM or call 647-807-7237