Temporary use of wall space to display messages of hope and for human rights

Temporary use of wall space to display messages of hope and for human rights

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Dory Fish started this petition to Mayor's Office, City of Toronto (Mayor of Toronto)

Dear Civic Leader,

In light of the situation in Hong Kong, wherein 2 million citizens have marched into the streets since early June and are still protesting against a proposed extradition to China law, I would like to humbly submit a petition for temporary use of a small bulletin-sized wall space anywhere within your propety or on its outside wall or on its fences.  

Hong Kong is not China. And Hong Kongers are trying to keep it that way.  

In China, over a million minority Uyghurs are being detained in concentration camps, citizens are forcibly married to party sympathizers, all in efforts to "reeducate" and "de-radicalize" a peaceful people who want to practice their own religion. In HK, they have changed our education system to include patriotic curriculum, and are now installing heavy surveillance equipment, as well as arresting citizens from their homes, and hospitals. We fear the same will be done to us soon.  

30 years ago on June 4th, China mobilised the People's Liberation Army tanks and bullets against its students and youth in the Tienanmen massacre. Last month the HK government unleashed tear gas, rubber bullets, beanbag rounds and baton wielding riot police upon our students and youth. In the same month the HK government gave away a large piece of downtown harbour front property to the People's Liberation Army. The PLA already has a base downtown as well as other parts of the small city with unknown number of soliders and unknown amount of firearms inside. We fear we will suffer the same fate as Tienanmen's students. 

The citizens of Hong Kong are a peaceful bunch. In over a month of protests we are still going out with sticky note pads, umbrellas, and garbage cans to clean up after fellow protesters. We have put our thoughts, our love, hopes and prayers onto what we call a "Lennon Wall" (see link), named after John Lennon of the Beatles and the world in his famous song, Imagine.This soon spread to all 18 HK districts.  

Today they have mobilized 100+ fully geared police officers in the dead of night to take down these walls of prayers and hopes. Four young people have already taken their lives since the failure of the 2 million strong march to bring about change. They are in desperate need for hope to continue an impossible fight.  


We humbly request that you please consider giving a temporary small space for similar sticky notes. First, as encouragement from overseas for wearied Hong Kongers living between fear and despair. And two, as a sort of "off site remote storage" of a tiny fraction of their dreams that the HK Police cannot as yet dismantle.  

As the only space within the Chinese sphere which celebrates freedom of religion, the only space with free press, the only space with free internet, the only space left with personal rights and freedom, we Hong Kongers humbly ask for your help. Please lend us a small wall space to celebrate human rights, human dignity and freedom from violence. 

We will do our utmost to keep any messages posted positive, uplifting, hopeful and peace loving. Of course you may at any time take down anything that incites violence or promote hate or push any political agendas at your sole discretion. 

Thank you very much for your time and attention in this matter. 


---  Further reading:  

Lennon Walls https://www.hongkongfp.com/2019/07/09/pictures-lennon-wall-message-boards-appear-across-hong-kong-districts-support-anti-extradition-law-protesters/ 


Situation of Uyghur Chinese https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/china-uyghur-muslim-rules-laws-treatment-chinese-human-rights-religion-a8534161.html 

Amnesty verification of police violence against peaceful protesters https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2019/06/hong-kong-police-violence/                               

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