Do something drastic, cut the plastic!

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Plastics first became popular around 1965. We were not aware of the environmental effects because we were too selfish and we still are. We only care about getting ahead in life and simplifying our lives to live more luxuriously.

Every year millions of animals are dying because of our plastics. Over 700 million species are being affected by plastic. Every year, in Ontario, over 1 million plastic water bottles are being sent to landfills. Around the world, 1 million plastic water bottles are bought every minute, which is equivalent to 20,000 bottles every second. This number is only set to increase by 20% by 2021. In 2050, the plastic in our oceans will weigh more than approximately 20,000 species of fish they exist in the world. Continuing this lifestyle is only destroying ourselves and the planet for our future generations. We want to see animals in the wild, not just captivity. This is why we need to start taking action today to make a brighter future.

We are not asking you to completely stop using plastic water bottles, even though that would be great; but sometimes there are no water fountains around. What we want to do, whenever possible, is to use reusable plastic water bottles as much as possible. Bring your own water bottles to work, in public, to school etc. and refill them anytime you see a water fountain.