STOP Public Nuisance/Noise!! Toronto for ALL Citizens!! INCLUSIVE for all.

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Attn: Mayor John Tory

City of Toronto, City Hall

Dear Sir:
As a citizen of Canada and Toronto area resident, we would like to bring your attention to a continuous Public Nuisance and Noise Pollution, caused by groups of individuals at locals ‘mosques’ (place of worship). At those mosques, groups of people are playing ‘Adhaan (evening prayer of Muslim community)’ using loud speakers, more than the acceptable level creating panic among neighbourhoods as well as posing threat to sound level. Those sound travel to at least two to four kilometres as they use more than 5-10 loud speakers on top of every mosque. 

We do respect every individuals’ rights of worship and freedom of religion as long it is practiced peacefully and indoors, and that may not interfere others life and create public nuisance. We have not seen any religious group is practicing their religions in a way that may have several negative impacts to the public and violates human rights.

It is not understandable for us why the city approved this type of practices that can cause sound pollutions, public irritations, can bother the people who are sick and requires quietness. One of the mosques we know is very close to a hospital and some seniors and long-term care houses are very close to that mosques as well. I am thinking about those patients who are listening to this loud sounds every evening. 

Personally, we do not have any issues about the religion practices as long it is peaceful and inside the temple/mosques/churches. However, if all the mosques in Toronto start playing ‘Adhaan’ such a loud manner 5 times a day and one religion gets priority over others, the consequences will be divisive, chaotic and conflicting on social fabrics of Canada. And that will be very chaotic and negatively impact everyone. If the Hindus, Muslims, Christians and other religious people apply the city to get approval for their noisy practices in Public, is the city going to approve them? If they do approve, how chaotic that would look like?   

Considering all these circumstances, it is very clear that their activities are related to:

·     Public Nuisance: ‘The public nuisance arises from an act that endangers life, health, property, morals or comfort of the public or obstructs the public in the exercise or enjoyment of rights common to all. A public nuisance is actionable in tort and can also be a criminal offence.’

·     Noise Pollution: Noises are at an acceptable level if they are between 40 and 60 decibels or match the ambient background noise – whichever is higher. Any sound above acceptable levels generally considered noise pollution.

·   Causing a Disturbance: If a person is screaming, shouting, swearing, or singing to the point they are creating a nuisance for others, they may be causing a disturbance-an offence under the Criminal Code. 

·     Making Social Unrest: When someone forces their own ideology, beliefs and thoughts on someone else using some tricky ways can create the social turbulence.

People are really confused, frustrated and are feeling annoyed about this action. We would like to request you to cancel the approval of playing Adhaan immediately.

PS: If the city doesn’t act immediately, then we take this matter to the court.