Rescind arbitrary limits on the number of dogs and cats a Toronto resident can keep.

Hello HUMANS, are you HUMANE??? Are you a HUMAN with a BRAIN (?), a HEART (?) & a SOUL (?) ~ IF you do have a BRAIN, a HEART & a SOUL ~ then, you can THINK and you can FEEL ~ and you DON'T know that ANIMALS can FEEL too???!!! Have you ever thought HOW each animal lives each day???!!! Have a heart of EMPATHY and put yourself in their shoes BEFORE doing any UNKIND & EVIL deeds!!!

PLEASE live MEANINGFULLY in THIS LIFE (your PRESENT) by doing GOOD: Be KIND to every living being ~ VOICELESS & HELPLESS animal friends NEED humans TO LOVE, CARE and PROTECT them!!!

Its SO HEART-BREAKING that PETITIONS seem endless and I have become SPEECH-LESS that humans seem to have lost their GIFTS of a BRAIN, a HEART & a SOUL thus turning a BEAUTIFUL world into such a CRUEL world and my heart goes out to our precious beloved ANIMAL friends who CAN'T defend for themselves ~ OMG!!! Please keep them in your DAILY prayers with gratitude from my heart ...

Doris Khong, Singapore, Singapore
12 months ago
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