Part-time to Full-time Pool In-Charge Positions.

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The City of Toronto Aquatics has for a very long time struggled staffing and consistently running the programs they offer.

This is largely due to the staff turn around that is experienced with such a young age group. With the potential of being able to make a living wage, pool in-charge would be a viable career option for lifeguards and instructors that we could be proud of, and eager to work towards. The proper compensation would allow older staff to hold their positions, take pride in their work, and it would make PIC a far more exclusive position. Instructors and lifeguards would compete for the position by taking pride in their current positions and by proving themselves through excellent work ethic and overall attitude. I have been a lifeguard for over 15 years, and have started seeing municipalities taking lifeguarding and swimming more and more seriously. If I could personally sustain a healthy family life and personal life in this field, it would not only improve my attitude towards aquatics, but as a senior staff who has the experience, I'd be far more likely to stick around and share that wisdom and experience with the new aquatic staff. Time for aquatics and lifeguarding to be seen and treated as the important public safety service that it is, instead of as a highschool job for youth and people in transition. Please sign and help us make a change.