No black plastic in Toronto's garbage

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Black plastic lids, take out containers, microwaveable dinner trays, disposable cutlery...imagine how many businesses are using these items across the vast expanse of this city, street by street, neighborhood by neighborhood... Imagine how many customers go through each of those businesses...hour after hour, day in day out, week in week out, year in year imagine the sheer enormity of the pile of black plastic items being thrown out, each hour, each day, each week, each month, each year in this city...and none of it is getting recycled!! 

Each piece of black plastic will stay in it's exact form on our land or drifting around in our waterways affecting wildlife and the environment for hundreds of years to come and every single day more is being added!  This is not the inheritance we should be leaving for our children!

A tweet from the City of Toronto on Mar 28, 2018 stated: "There are 2 reasons the City doesn't accept black plastic in the Blue Bin: it can't be properly sorted at the recycling facility and there is no market to sell it. All black plastic should be put in the garbage. Find out what items go where at toronto/ca/wastewizard"

Nothing has changed since then. Black plastic still needs to be put in the garbage as per:

The city needs to enact regulations to protect our planet now!  Only plastics in recyclable colors should be permitted to be used by businesses in this city. 

Please call upon the city of Toronto to ban black plastic and protect our planet today!