More and better scheduled TTC Buses for 66B

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We need better TTC service for line 66B.

66B service is extremely unreliable and direct complaints to TTC is not working.

We have very dense community around Parklawn and Lakeshore now but the TTC buses are not running frequent enough and they follow the schedule extremely poorly. This is causing the residents to suffer unnecessary delays. There are packed buses during busy hours and those buses are not even coming at the scheduled time. Bus schedules are promises to the citizens which needs to be followed.  

Why should people consider driving just because of inconvenience TTC service? If you want to promote people to use public transit, please make sure the TTC is providing proper and reliable service. Unreliable service will turn people towards driving which will cause more traffic in the city. 

Please provide more frequent buses for line 66B for rush hour and train the staff to follow the schedule. We are tired of hearing consistent and same excuses for poor services.