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Update regarding the Investigation of Jamal Francique’s death

On January 20, 2021, the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) released Report #20-OFD-005 (‘report’) outlining the decision of SIU Director, Joseph Martino, not to lay charges in connection with the shooting of Jamal Francique by Peel Regional Police (PRP) on January 7, 2020. After one year of anticipating the SIU’s response, the SIU released an error-filled report provoking our refreshed lack of confidence in their ability to operate sincerely and uphold accountability. Precarious discrepancies and inconsistent references of the events that transpired on January 7, 2020 notably discredit the SIU’s mission to “conduct thorough and unbiased” investigations in the pursuit of ensuring “law enforcement accountability.”  This has prompted the need for Jamal Francique’s Counsel to conduct a Comprehensive Legal Inquiry (CLI) into Report #20-OFD-005 done by the SIU. This Interim CLI examines numerous factual errors, omissions, contradictions and inconsistencies from Report #20-OFD-005, including materially relevant considerations that were not mentioned or applied to the law in the Director’s reasoning, as well as circumstances and evidence available that warrants charges being laid against the officers involved. (Please see page 26 of the CLI) The decision of the SIU Director to not lay charges in this highly questionable incident has denied the public a fair and transparent hearing surrounding the circumstances of Jamal’s death and an inability to hold anyone accountable that may possess criminal liability. During a trial process, the evidence gathered would be examined and tested by the prosecutor and defence counsel and put before a Justice in order to determine as accurately as possible what occurred on January 7, 2020, and if there is any criminal liability on behalf of an accused by application of the “proof beyond a reasonable doubt” standard. We Need Your Support: In order for us to continue our investigations in seeking justice for Jamal, we need assistance in securing a ballistics report, an accident reconstruction, and correlated legal work. If we can encourage all of our supporters to donate at least $1, we can get closer to reaching our goal. The donations will be used specifically for work in the attempt to seek justice for Jamal as well as the welfare of his family during these unprecedented times.  Specific Costs (not limited to): 1) Support with legal fees and the independent investigation 2) Help with his 2 children’s future education 3) Organizing costs related to uplifting his story  4) Mental health and wellness support The toll of Jamal's death on his family is immeasurable. Police violence affects victims' families in irreparable ways. The financial donations are directly going to cover the damage this violence caused his family and to see them through the continued fight for accountability and justice.  Please donate here  Please watch the video included in this update for the media release or view this page for a summary of the media release.

Trisha Arocena
1 year ago