Get Justice For Regis Korchinski-Paquet!

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Regis Korchinski-Paquet, a 29 year old black women was murdered by the police on the evening of May 27th, 2020. The Toronto police had showed up to her apartment building after being called. And shortly afterwards Regis had fallen to her death. The police claim it was a suicide, but the witnesses (especially Regis’s family), said that the Police officers pushed Regis to her death. The witnesses also claimed that the Police left Regis’s body there for some time, which just goes to show that the Police, regardless of what country they are in have no respect for Black bodies, dead or not. This happened right after the untimely death of George Floyd, another Black person killed by the police. We need to spread awareness of this case in order for black people to become more protected. Currently the The Special Investigations Unit is examining this case right now.But we have no idea at this point if the officers will face any repercussions if found guilty for killing her. And this is why we need to take action. Regis needs to get the justice that she deserves. Please sign this petition and spread the word. Regis Korchinski -Paquet needs to get justice. Please throughly examine the case and the officers that killed her. #JusticeForRegis!