Do not let them come back to the Community , We need to protect the Children.

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We need to protect communities and families that are suffering because of pedophiles. We know there are pedophiles everywhere, but when it comes to people we know and are well known to the community it makes a big difference. We know where they live and know what they did. Most importantly they live across a park and schools where there are always children. We as a Community need to protect all children before this happens again. We cannot allow these Monsters back to the neighbourhood and to a community with lots of children.  We need to make sure they’re never allowed to get close to any children at all and especially ever open a child care business. They have damaged these innocent children’s lives and their own. I pray that more families and children do come forward and not be afraid that they will get deported back to any country. As a community we need to stand together and not allow this to happen again in any community.