Cap the number of rideshare drivers in Toronto

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This petition is to bring attention to the safety, congestion and economic impact of the number of rideshare drivers, in light of the City of Toronto's review of the rideshare, taxi and limousine bylaws coming before City Council on June 24th, 2019.

No Cap has been suggested in the review and recommendations that are being put in front of the Council.  Despite repeated input from 18 consultations from parties in the transportation industry and members of the public, this recommendation remains unsuggested.

A Cap is necessary for the safety of the citizens of Toronto, safety of the drivers providing rideshare services, congestion problems and negative economic impacts on drivers providing taxi and rideshare services, that will continue if numbers of licensed drivers is not controlled.  

Both Uber and Lyft have unimpeded ability to put as many drivers on the road as they can with no regard to the problems this poses.  Cities such as New York have recognized the problem with uncapped numbers of drivers, and have placed a cap on the number of licenses that they will issue.  New York recognized the congestion issue but also importantly, the negative impact that uncapped drivers had on the service providers themselves.  At least 9 taxi and rideshare drivers committed suicide because of the drastic impact felt by having unlimited drivers in this industry.  In addition to the congestion, this poses not only a safety issue but has an economic impact on all of the drivers with severely reduced ability to generate an income.  In many documented cases, drivers have spent 8 hours on the road with no income!

The City of Toronto originally capped the number of Taxi licenses to ensure that drivers would be able to make a living.  By not capping the number of rideshare drivers, the same thing is happening to rideshare drivers who are seeing drastic drops in the ability to generate an income from their time on the road.

This not only affects them negatively financially but leads drivers to drive as long as one company will allow them.  Which is 12 hours driving time.  Once they cap out on one app they can turn on the competing app and drive far longer than is safe!  This puts the public at risk with exhausted drivers!

Please help us protect our citizens, our drivers ability to provide a safe service and still generate an income!  Cap the number of drivers that are allowed to operate in the City of Toronto!