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Installation of drainage system and road renovation for Public Markets

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Just like humans, a place can be happy or sad, as well as safety and bad. A safe place means a productive place while a bad place will be more prone to danger. Whatever place we are talking about, a road will always get us there. But what if the road we've taking now is devastated by the constant flooding and lacking of drainage? Will the road we chose to take on will lead us to the place?

Meanwhile in Brgy. Fatima Centro Market, the wrecked road caused by the lack of drainage has been a problem in the area. Affecting commuters, drivers, passers-by and even the business of the entrepreneurs especially in the field of security are affected since the said road has really been prone to accidents. 

Our project: Rebuilding road, connecting society is a road project around the area of Brgy. Fatima General Santos City, Centro Market. Focusing on the drainage and renovations of the road, we envision a more safe street to drive, to fasten the travel of the commuters also the drivers and lastly, to not cause stampedes and traffics around the area. This will all come true with the help of the persons under the government to realize the need of fixing the road and putting a drainage to easily drain large amounts of water caused by the rain around the area.

In return of the efforts of this campaign, we hope to achieve the following benefit: a better road with proper drainage system resulting to no unnecessary flooding and smooth run of transportation in Centro Fatima

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