Stop the Spread of Rats in Creston BC, Canada!

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The Creston Valley, a beautiful agricultural community, has a growing population of unwanted guests:  rats, Norway and Roof Rats specifically.  They are not native to British Columbia, but thrive where there are abundant food sources and temperate climates.

Crestonites have seen significant growth in these populations over the past number of years.  Rats are indiscriminate, breeding at exponential rates.  (A single mating pair could produce nine hundred (900!) offspring in a single season.) They create huge dens and can travel great distances as they are industrious and excellent hitchhikers.  They are everyone’s problem.  

Despite concerns from citizens and businesses, the municipality has not yet taken action.  In fact, folks were told to manage their own rat problems on their properties. Unfortunately, they are everywhere!

We need government to step up and lead by 1) implementing an eradication program before it is too late, 2) developing a vector bylaw, 3) creating a dumping program to support constituents cleaning yard and agricultural waste, and 4) putting in place a road side safe trash/bin and compost program to start. Further consultation with citizens would likely result in other options being implemented as fast as possible.  

The numbers indicate a tipping point has been reached in the community.  Without coordinated, concerted effort, next spring will be much worse rat wise.  The more food they have, the more they will breed, which is why the attractant management component of this initiative is vital. is a great information resouce.

Please help us move towards the creation of an immediate community action plan.  There is no time to waste.  Rats carry disease; destroy buildings, land, crops, electrical services; and are just plain vermin.

Creston needs your help to remain the beautiful valley we love.

We need to act now...not react later.

Please sign and add your support to this community initiative.