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We are creating this petition to address the ongoing crime, drug problems, and spread of communicable disease that are plaguing our community here in the City of Long Beach due to the homeless encampments at the 710 FWY (between Willow and PCH) along the riverbed.

It has come to our attention that nearly every resident has been personally victimized, whether it be theft of a vehicle, property damage, burglary, and/or assault.

It's time for serious measures to be taken to address and combat this situation.  The resolution we are seeking is for the City of Long Beach to take immediate action by permanently prohibiting homeless encampments and/or loitering and illegal activity at the 710 FWY and along the riverbed.

The City of Long Beach was just awarded $8,185,190 by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development specifically allocated to help the homeless (https://www.presstelegram.com/2018/01/11/187-million-in-federal-grants-coming-to-southern-california-to-help-homeless  Let's hold them accountable to spending these funds appropriately and restore our city back to being a safe and wholesome place to live for our families.