Coronavirus Economic Relief Package for Long Beach Families and Small Businesses


Coronavirus Economic Relief Package for Long Beach Families and Small Businesses

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The Long Beach Housing Justice Coalition, composed of 12 local community organizations, and members of the greater Long Beach community strongly support the item proposed by Councilmembers Rex Richardson, Roberto Uranga, Jeannine Pearce, and Mary Zendejas to address the needs of Long Beach families and small businesses during this time of uncertainty due to the dangers of COVID-19. We ask that this ordinance be made retroactive to March 4, 2020, the date the City of Long Beach declared a Local Health Emergency and a State of Local Emergency.

The proposed Council item recommends the following:

"Request the City Attorney to draft an urgency ordinance and minute order for consideration at the March 24, 2020, City Council meeting, to establish a moratorium on all evictions on commercial and residential units for a minimum of 30 days, or as long as the City of Long Beach, Los Angeles County, or the State of California have active emergency proclamations related to COVID-19. The ordinance should also include a prohibition on late fees and a prohibition on Section 8 terminations by the Housing Authority of Long Beach (HACLB) for the duration of this period. 

Further, request the City Manager to work with the Department of Energy Resources, the Water Department and investor-owned utilities (IOUS) to suspend utility shutoffs for a minimum of 30 days or until emergency proclamations are no longer in effect, whichever is longer. 

Furthermore, request the City Manager to work with the City Attorney to establish an ordinance during the duration of the declaration of emergency requiring all airport, convention center, and hotel employer allow all employees to wash their hands every 30 minutes to limit community transmission. 

And lastly, request the City Manager to work with the City Attorney, and all relevant Departments, to evaluate the feasibility of implementing an economic relief package for working families and small businesses impacted by the COVID-19. 

This package should explore the following: 

1. A review of sick and disability leave processes and enhancements for City employees, who must miss work due to COVID-19, 

2. Explore TOT, or other revenue sharing opportunities, to support hotels that experience significant economic impact due to COVID-19. 

3. Partnerships with financial institutions and lenders to prohibit foreclosures or halt mortgage payments for individuals who have suffered loss of wages as a result of COVID 19, 

4. Streamlined processes or resources through partnerships with EDD to support workers laid off or impacted by COVID-19, and explore support for impacted workers not covered by unemployment benefits, 

5. Emergency loan assistance programs to small businesses who have suffered significant loss, as a result of COVID-19, 

6. Potential resources and partnerships to safely assist people under self-quarantine, due to COVID-19, with a priority on seniors, 

7. Extend training opportunities with the Long Beach Public Health Department on COVID 19 prevention to businesses in the tourism and restaurant industry, 

8. Relief for laid-off or furloughed workers in the affected industries such as hospitality including, but not limited to, a "right of return" and "layoff and recall" policy, that protects workers from being laid off and subsequently not given preference when re-hiring commences, and 

9. Worker retention or just cause for termination policy, in the hospitality industry, to protect workers through potential bankruptcy or subcontracting that could occur during an active emergency proclamation related to COVID-19."

We appreciate the support from local officials and agencies working to ensure the health and safety of Long Beach residents and small businesses. 

Thank you for signing and supporting us to ensure we support our neighbors. 

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