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Petitioning President, Board of Directors, Royal Winter Fair John Dunlap and 5 others

Stop the Running of Bulls on Bay Street to promote the Royal Winter Fair

The running of bulls on Tuesday, October 30 through Bay Street in downtown Toronto to publicize the upcoming Royal Winter Fair is a blatant disregard for animal safety and care and this must not be allowed to go ahead. Those responsible for this plan are putting animals, pedestrians and property at risk. Ultimately if something happens the bulls will pay the price with their life. Please add your voice to stop it.

This petition was delivered to:
  • President, Board of Directors, Royal Winter Fair
    John Dunlap
  • Weston Food, Sponsor for Royal Winter Fair
    Galen Weston
  • Toyota |Dealers Association, Sponsor for Royal Winter Fair
  • Richoh Canada, Sponsor of Royal Winter Fair
  • Acting Commissioner
    Randy McLean
  • Mayor of the City of Toronto
    Mayor Rob Ford

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