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Petitioning Mayor, CIty of Toronto Rob Ford and 3 others

Mayor Rob Ford: Remove Al-Qaeda Jihadi Mural in Toronto's Little India


In September 2014, Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri launched 'Al-Qaeda in South Asia' (AQAS) to target India and create strife between Muslims and Hindus in the world's largest democracy.

In addressing his audience, Zawahiri, uttered an Islamic jihadi battle cry, 'Nasrum Min Allah Fathun Qareeb', which roughly translated tells Muslims to "have faith in Allah who will give them 'imminent victory' in their endevour against the enemy infidel." An obvious reference to India's one billion Hindus and other non-Muslims.

While Zawahir was chanting an Islamic war cry against India, here in Toronto, we have the city pay for a mural that has the same chant and that too in the heart of Little India on Gerrard Street.

The mural came about as a result of the City of Toronto commissioning a StreetART program to bring art to cover up graffiti from buildings on the city's major streets.

Taking advantage of this program, a Mosque managed to obtain city funding in 2013 to paint a jihadi battle cry as a mural on its wall.

This jihadi battle cry has been taken from the Quran and used by Islamic Terrorists like the Taliban and Al-Qaeda as well as the Pakistan Military in its war propaganda against India.

The inscription on the mural tells Muslims to have faith in Allah who will give them 'imminent victory' in their endevour against the enemy (non-Muslims).

As Muslims we would not like to see our holy book, The Quran to be used to sow division amongst the citizens of this great city of Toronto.

We urge Mayor Rob Ford and City Councillor Paula Fletcher to immediately act and cover up this provocative mural in 'Little India' that is home to many Hindu and Sikh Canadians who are being primarily targetted by this signage.

Salim Ahmad
Muslim Canadian Congress

Letter to
Mayor, CIty of Toronto Rob Ford
Candidate for Mayor, City of Toronto Doug Ford
Candidate for Mayor, City of Toronto John Tory
and 1 other
Candidate for Mayor, City of Toronto Olivia Chow
Dear Mayor Ford,

Please have your city officials from the StreetART department remove the 'Jihadi Battle Cry' Mural at a Gerrard Street Mosque in Toronto.

The same battle cry has now been used by Al-Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri in his recent (September 2014) declaration of war against India.

This is a provocative message that can trigger serious disharmony among your city's Muslim and non-Muslim population.

Its an attempt by Islamist supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Jamaat-e-Islami to flaunt their triumphalist posturing and encourage young Muslims to be belligerent towards mainstream society.

The message speaks of 'imminent conquest' for Muslims. The question is, who do these Islamist wish to conquer?

Please have the sign painted over as soon as possible.

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