Ban single-use plastics in Oakville

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Canadians alone consume around 3.25 million tonnes of plastic waste each year!! Plastics are filling our waters, harming animals and ecosystems, and even emitting harmful chemicals into the air, which ultimately contributes to climate change. It was recently revealed by the UN that we have 12 years left to start making a change with our habits before we reach the point of no return. The earth will continue to warm causing irreversible consequences on the environment, animals, and human lives. Although it might seem like single-use plastics which include plastic bags, cups, straws, and plates, won't help climate change, it should be noted that even the smallest steps towards change will be beneficial!! This issue should not be taken lightly or ignored. It is our responsibility to consume sustainably in order for a better future for us, and the next generation. Please sign this petition to show your support, and moving forward try to be more of your habits in your daily life every little bit helps!