Stop St. Pete's illegal dumping of raw and partially treated sewage into Tampa Bay's water

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The City of St. Petersburg has not increased its sewage treatment capacity in the face of a growing population. On April 2nd, 2015, the City of St. Petersburg decreased its wastewater treatment capacity by closing the Albert Whitted Waste Water Treatment Facility. Mayor Rick Kriseman’s administration and City Council had reams of expert reports and testimony that stated that the remaining three treatment facilities could not handle the increased sewage treatment burden but still continued their decision to close the treatment plant. From April 2015 until 2017, while claiming itself to be Florida’s greenest city, St Petersburg’s Mayor Rick Kriseman and Public Works staff knowingly violated the Clean Water Act by dumping more than 1-billion gallons of sewage into Tampa Bay, its aquifer, and its beloved surrounding waters, resulting in 89 felonies and 103 misdemeanors. The city and its employees were not charged, due to the city counsel approving a consent order with the state pledging 326-million dollars to improve the city's waste water system at the cost of the city's citizens. This petition aims to turn this consent order into a consent decree to ensure accountability for the actions of Mayor Rick Kriseman, his administration, and city employees involved.