Prohibit overnight shelter in Saanich parks that contain playgrounds & sports fields

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The city of Saanich currently permits people to seek overnight shelter (e.g. Tents) in 106 of it's 172 parks. Only 2 of the 56 parks with playground prohibit overnight shelters.

In the wake of BC’s affordable housing crisis, more individuals are camping in parks. With no clear solutions in sight, tent cities have been the response. Unfortunately with tent cities come issues with sanitation, drugs, crime. These issues shouldn’t affect the safety of the parks that our children play in.

In the interest of children’s safety we are asking the Mayor of Saanich and the council members to amend the current list of parks that prohibit overnight shelter to include all parks which contain a playground and/or sports field. 

The bylaws do state that the shelter is prohibited on playgrounds and sports fields but the bylaw does not apply to the rest of the park. When children utilize playgrounds and sports fields for recreation they seldom stay on just the play structures or the field and instead utilize the entire park for exploration and care free play.Therefore it is important keep these parks a place for kids to be free and safe.

According to the Saanich website the following parks contain either a playground and/or sports field and are currently not on the list of parks that prohibit temporary overnight shelter. We are asking that the bylaws be amended to include these parks.

- Allenby, ambassador, Beckwith, Bernard, bisley, Blair, braefoot, brodick, browning, brydon, cadboro-gyro, Claremont-Goddard, Copley E, Copley W, Cordova Bay, Craigflower-Koapsom, Edge, Emily Carr, Fairburn, Falaise, Francisco, Glanford, Gorge waterway, Hampton, Harvest Lane, Horner, Hyacinth, Lambrick, Leeds, Lochside, Majestic, Maltwood, Marigold, Maynard,  McMinn, Meadow, Montague, Mt View, Normandy, Onyx, Playfair, Prospect, Qu’Appelle, Rainbow, Reynolds, Rogers, Rosedale, Rudd, Rutledge, Sayward Hill, Sierra, Taylor, Tolmie, Tyndall, Vantreight and Whitehead