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Institute a Northfield College Council to get college voices into Northfield's government

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The Northfield Initiative wants to institute the Northfield College Council, wherein students from both Carleton and St. Olaf will have more access to and input into Northfield's local governance. As integral members of the Northfield community, it strikes us as imperative to have student voices and interests represented not just by our City Councilors, but also by direct student representatives. As unique voices, we see the inclusion of students as a mutually-beneficial, exciting opportunity to provide different perspectives and youthful vigor to Northfield's boards and commissions.

We have identified 9 boards/commissions that relate in a direct way to student life in Northfield:

Arts and Culture

Economic Development Board

Environmental Quality Commission

Heritage Preservation Board

Hospital Board

Housing and Redevelopment Authority

Human Rights Commission

Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals

Task Force on Youth Alcohol and Drug Use

Under our proposal, each board/commission would receive one student representative from both Carleton and St. Olaf, all of whom would have full voting powers. Additionally, the 18 students (9 Carls, 9 Oles) together would generally be understood as campus liaisons to Northfield's local government. That is to say, they would become a primary source of input for the Mayor and the City Councilors on issues that impact college students but may be outside the purview of any of the above-named boards/commissions.

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